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10 Minutes with... Jacqui Kennedy

10 Minutes with... Jacqui Kennedy

Jacqui has a phobia of reality TV and avoids exposure to it by her two adult children with headphones and a good book. Jacqui is also known to bake the occasional cake.

Question: Jacqui, what do you do at Novosco? What’s your role?

Jacqui: My official title is Director of Security Operations, I am based at the Daresbury Park office.

Q: Great job title!

Jacqui: Ha, yeah! Basically I’m responsible for the operations out of the Daresbury office, including all the pre-sales functions, project management, service delivery management, technical delivery from the service desk and the network operating centre.  General running of the admin functions and assisting the sales manager in his role too.

Q: So that’s quite a lot in your purview!

Jacqui: Absolutely, I also carry responsibility for the targets for the Daresbury office too! I’m kept busy.

Q: What does an average Jacqui day look like?

Jacqui: Thankfully every day is different. I love having the variety that comes with my role. If there’s such a thing as a typical day in the office, it would be a review of the service desk operations, checking what the priorities are. Also, a daily huddle with the operations team, then it could be anything.

I could be out at customer sites, having project meetings and service delivery meetings, and also hosting customers who visit us in our office.

There’s a big part of my role that is reactive to what’s happening, but if all’s going smoothly then company strategy and vision is something in my remit too.

Q: Talk to me about your career so far.

Jacqui: My original role began with NetDef, which became part of Novosco in 2017. Some nineteen years ago I joined as Operations Assistant, I was employee number 5! Looking after the finance and operations of the business, as the business grew so too did my role. I recruited many of the team that are with us still to this very day.

I decided in my forties that I wanted to get my degree which is in Leadership & Management, then shortly after that I completed my masters in Strategic Management, the company supported me through this and then a few years later I was promoted to Operations Director.

Q: How has the sector changed in recent years?

Jacqui: There has been a real change in attitude towards Managed Services.  Even when a business takes a managed service now they want a much more collaborative approach.  I find that we are working much more in partnership with these companies now rather than simply providing a service that you report on once a month or quarter.

This means that you need the whole team to understand what they're delivering is not just a set of daily checks but they need to understand the businesses that they are providing services to; what is the client’s IT strategy and vision, how can we add value to that, how can we assist with their decision making.

Q: What about the future, grab a crystal ball – how do you see things evolving in the next few years?

Jacqui: Much more organisations adopting managed services; businesses want a clear picture of their costs and partnering with a company like Novosco for their IT helps them to achieve that. They can lock into a multi-year partnership and know precisely what the cost will be - no staffing cost fluctuations, training, recruitment etc - so I'd like to hope that my role will just involve delivering more services to more customers.

Q: What challenges do you face?

Every customer is different – it sounds like a cliché (well, it is a cliché), but it’s absolutely true. So commercial challenges are accommodating that, but it’s also a positive part of the job, tailoring what we can do to help the specific needs of our clients. Our focus is doing the right thing for the customer; our relationships are strong enough to have those kinds of conversations with them.

Q: What are the best bits about your job?

Jacqui: The best bit is definitely the people. Those I work with within Novosco, and those I work with from our customers.

I love customer engagement, getting feedback on projects, knowing that we’ve done a good job and helped a company grow and succeed is the best feeling.

My colleagues are incredibly supportive people, I’ve worked with most of them for many years – three or four of them have been with me for more than ten years! They understand the changes that my role has undertaken and they’re with me on the journey. It’s a great team to work with and a great environment to succeed.

It’s great working with my colleagues and seeing them develop and expand their roles and get promoted and achieve more and more.

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